Drillinginfo has announced a new strategic collaboration with Hart Energy’s Rextag unit to create a combined midstream business product.

Oil and gas industry analysis requires mapping in order to work and E&P focus on subsurface mapping, the midstream sector requires extensive analysis of surface mapping for supply logistics, such as processing locations, pipelines, facilities, storage, refineries, rail, well locations, renewable energy infrastructure and electrical transmission.

The Drillinginfo-Rextag integration provides a cutting-edge solution with all relevant datasets in one platform, which provides powerful context and unprecedented infrastructure siting and mapping.

“Bringing Drillinginfo and Rextag together combines two best-in-class services for an unparalleled view of midstream acivity. The moment you insert Rextag data into Drillinginfo’s platform, it has a new and valuable context,” said Tanya Andrien, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for Drillinginfo.

“Maps and timing matter in this business and Rextag has earned a stellar reputation for delivering to the oil and gas industry what they need, and when they need it,” added Bernadette Johnson, Vice President of Market Intelligence for Drillinginfo. “With Rextag’s GIS datasets inside Drillinginfo’s platform, we’re able to serve more interests than if we operated individually in silos. We’re partnering with the best to offer the best,” said Johnson.

About Drillinginfo
Drillinginfo operates a software as a service (SaaS) platform to deliver business-critical insights to oil and gas industries. It offers sophisticated technology, powerful analytics, and industry-leading data. Drillinginfo is a portfolio company of Genstar Capital and serves over 5,000 companies globally from its Austin, Texas, headquarters and has more than 1,000 employees. More information at drillinginfo.com

About Rextag And Hart Energy
Rextag has been one of the largest providers of mapping data services since its founding. In 2010, Rextag joined Hart Energy, one of the energy industry’s largest information providers. More information on Rextag at rextag.com.

For more than 40 years, Hart Energy editors and experts have delivered market-leading insights to investors and energy industry professionals. The Houston-based company produces award-winning monthly magazines (such as Oil and Gas Investor and E&Pmagazine); online news and data services; in-depth industry conferences (like the DUG conference series); Rextag's GIS data sets and mapping solutions; and a range of research and consulting services through Stratas Advisors. More information at hartenergy.com.

Source: oilandgasonline.com

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