U.S. Energy-Related Emissions Keep Falling Due To Growth In NG Electricity Generation

U.S. carbon emissions keep decreasing. Electricity produced from Natural Gas is one of the key reasons

Bakken Has Hard Time Competing With Other Plays Even After DAPL Is In Operation

Bakken's costs are now lower with DAPL in service but that does not level it with Permian and Denver-Julesburg

Permian: Oil Pipeline Takeaway Capacity. Too Much or Just Fit?

With all oil pipeline projects currently under construction in Permian, there is no certainty if their operators' margins will be high enough.

Louisiana Is Still Ranking 3rd Among U.S. States Yet Others Are Taking The Lead in Growth Rate

Louisiana has a share of 6.6% of national NG production. Its production decline reflects growth shifting to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Appalachian NG Production Gowth Path 2008 - 2017

NG Production has grown tremendously over decade.