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The Rextag Energy Mapping Data product is the largest and most complete database on energy infrastructure assets, such as pipelines and facilities, for all North America. Our database includes asset ownerships, production records, processing capacities, physical locations, proposed projects, acquisition records, corporate entities database and affiliations and contact directories and much more.

... used by over 90% of major U.S. energy companies

The Rextag product has been successfully used over the past decade by over 90% of the major U.S. energy companies as well as large energy investment banks for various purposes, including company valuations, deal benchmarking, acquisition targets and business development.

Used daily in multiple projects

Reports and valuations

Project wall maps

Charts and data tables

Energy forecasts

Deal/Pitch books and MS PowerPoint maps

Due diligence requirement reports

Pipeline routing and facility siting

The most complete and detailed global database of
Energy infrastructure assets

Some of our product and services customers

Flexible offerings to better fit your information requirement needs

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We invite you to join the thousands of other energy and financial professionals that work daily with the Rextag Energy Mapping Data to enhance the value of your current work. We offer flexible plans and data services to fit your business needs and our approachable customer-first staff is dedicated to answering any questions you may have in understanding and selecting the right data service for your organization.

Access the information in different ways depending on your level of need and budget

Full local access to database Full web based access Custom mapping and search projects Printed wall maps
Raw databases. Unlimited edit, modify and integration with other data
Intuitive web-based mapping application. Zoom, pan, filter, identify, etc.
Completely customizable maps developed by our team of graphic designers and cartogarphers
Regional and continental energy maps
Powerful desktop or networked shared database to generate reports, analysis and maps
Dynamically updated and maintained
Available in all sizes and formats. Hard copy or digital
Static off-the-shelf product
Fully dynamic GIS data
Exportable data in various formats
Static data product