About Rextag

Rextag: Global Energy Data

What we do

Rextag, a division of Hart Energy, collects energy data from multiple sources and checks and validates this data, compiling an extensive and integrated database on a wide range of energy assets. We license this data to our customers in the convenient formats, including dynamic databases, web-browser access, and printed maps. Rextag serves all segments the energy industry: Upstream E&P, Midstream pipelines and facilities, Downstream refiners and power generators, electric and renewables, banking and finance, governments, NGOs, engineering and oil field services and more. Our data services are available on a subscription or customized basis.

Our data includes

2,000,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines

Hundreds of thousands of Energy Facilities

Over 4 million oil and gas wells in US and Canada

Historical gas flows for over 30,000 meter points

Upstream Data for North America

World's largest Energy Library with over 3 million processed and tagged documents

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Why we do it

We give our customers the data they need in order to make informed business decisions and significantly reduce risks.

Our Mission: To provide the most comprehensive and accurate data for the Energy Industry.

Our Values: Quality. Integrity. Responsibility.

Our Standards: We have implemented rigorous standards for all processes regarding the acquisition and validation of the information we handle.

What we offer our clients

  • Extensive and accurate energy data, guaranteed through our accuracy statement
  • Monthly data updates
  • Free training and consultation
  • Free digitizing of projects or assets not included (on demand)
  • Custom mapping and research services
  • Printed Energy wall maps
  • Real-time support (we resolve most inquiries within minutes)
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Find answers to common questions about us, our products and services on our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us on our Contact form or at mapping@hartenergy.com