Rextag Directory™

Not your grandpa’s directory!

The Rextag Directory is a revolutionary new directory filtering application. This powerful online tool enables complex multi-layer queries like never before. Rextag Directory links traditional contact records (name, title, company, etc.) with the industry’s most complete dataset on energy infrastructure assets. For the first time, now a directory application can answer complex questions to extract contact details for operators across all sectors of the energy supply chain (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream).

Example - seeking contacts for:

  • North Dakota natural gas gathering pipelines with diameters below 10 inches
  • Crude oil storage terminals in the Houston area
  • Proposed compressor stations
  • Permitted horizontal wells in Karnes County, TX
  • Electric power lines with voltage higher than 200KV

The possibilities are endless!

Built to support sales and business development for service companies in the energy space, the Rextag Directory offers time-saving value to anyone competing in today’s market.

The new Rextag Directory™ is available

Included in this annual service


850,000 Contacts with email addresses from approximately 60,000 Companies in the Energy Industry! 

(and growing!)

Corporate Entity Database

companies and affiliates, with contacts and details

A&D Transactions Database

Document Library

over 4 million presentations, annual reports, permits and more!

Limited asset mapping capabilities

Price per 1 user $ 995.00 / year

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