Power and Renewables

Power and Renewables maps Power and Renewables maps
Power and Renewables maps Power and Renewables maps

Rextag expands its electrical infrastructure dataset to include new and specific data layers related to Renewable Energy.

This new and expanded dataset will include thousands of new miles of electric transmission lines, hundreds of more substations and close to two thousand more renewable energy power generating facilities.

In addition to these expanded datasets, Rextag is also adding multiple new layers specific to the renewable market.

Energy Datasets Available

Rextag offers the most accurate and complete global energy data service for the Energy Industry.

Electric Service Territories
Electric Substations
Biodiesel Plants
Ethanol Biorefineries
Geothermal Sites
Wind Turbines
Hydrogen Plants
Category Layer Description
Electric Transmission
Electricity transmission and major distribution lines (Owner, KV, Status…)
Electric Substations
Electricity substations (Name, Owners, KVs)
Electric Territories
Electricity distribution service territories
Power Plants
Electric generating plants including traditional fuel and renewable energy sources
Energy Storage
Energy storage technologies and projects
Available biomass resources
Biodiesel Plants
Biodiesel plant locations, production capacities
Oilseed Plants
Oilseed plant locations
Methane Landfills
Municipal landfills and methane recovery candidate landfills
Ethanol Plants
Fuel ethanol production plants
Geothermal Sites
Geothermal wells and spring locations
Wind Speeds
Wind power density, power class, and speed
Wind turbine locations
Wind Power
Direct Normal Irradiance
Measured direct normal irradiance annual average daily total solar resource
Global Hor. Irradiance
Measured global horizontal irradiance annual average daily total solar resource
Solar Power
Hydrogen Plants
Hydrogen plant locations and capacities
Fueling Stations
Biodiesel, E85, Electric and Hydrogen alternative fueling station locations
  • Biodiesel Plants

    Locations and production capacities of Biodiesel plants. Biodiesel is a liquid fuel produced from renewable sources, such as vegetable oils and animal fats.

  • Biomass

    Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials such as from forests, crops, and landfills. Layer shows different biomass resources available in the U.S. by counties.

  • Electric Service Territories

    Electricity distribution service territories.

  • Electric Substations

    Electric substations dataset as a part of the electric transmission grid includes the info on the Operator's Name, Owners, KVs, and other

  • Powerlines

    Electricity transmission and major distribution lines

  • Energy Storage

    Energy storage systems such as batteries, thermal storage, and flywheels, store electricity produced by generators or pulled directly from the grid, to redistribute the electricity at a later time.

  • Ethanol Biorefineries

    Location, ownership, and production capacities of ethanol biorefineries. Ethanol is a renewable fuel that can be made from a variety of biomass and can be used as a blending agent with gasoline to increase octane and cut down carbon monoxide and other smog-causing emissions.

  • Geothermal Sites

    Geothermal sites locations, temperatures, and more. Geothermal resources are reservoirs of hot water that exist at varying temperatures and depths below the Earth's surface which can be used in a variety of applications, including electricity generation, direct use, and heating and cooling.

  • Hydrogen Plants

    Hydrogen producing plants. Hydrogen is a fuel with water being the only byproduct. It can be produced from a variety of domestic resources such as natural gas, nuclear power, or renewable power like biomass, solar, and wind.

  • Independent System Operators

    Boundaries of the electric power Independent System Operators (ISO) set up by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

  • Methane Landfills

    Methane landfill gas can be captured, converted, and used as a renewable energy resource. A locational point with attribute information about the facility, including owner, status, type, capacity and more.

  • NERC Regions

    Boundaries of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Regions

  • Oilseed Plants

    Oilseed producers with information about locations, owners, and statuses. Oilseeds are seeds in which oil can be extracted from and the seeds are processed to obtain oil for biodiesel/fuel production.

  • Power Plants

    Power Plants and their capacities, owners, status and more.

  • Renewable Alt Filling Stations

    Renewable alternative fueling locations including hydrogen, biodiesel, and electric stations across the U.S.

  • Wind Turbines

    Locational points of individual turbines with information about owners, statuses and more.

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