U.S. Crude by Rail Infrastructure

The U.S. Crude by Rail Infrastructure Wall Map is Hart Energy’s most recent addition to our family of beautiful and informative wall maps. This astounding map provides both comprehensive and simplified information on the extensive railroad, crude oil by-r

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Global Shale Basin

The Global Shale Basin Map illustrates how the North American Shale is spreading around the world.

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North American LNG

The North American LNG Wall Map provides the most comprehensive look at the LNG industry.

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Appalachian Basin

The Appalachian Basin Wall Map is the ultimate reference tool for the booming Marcellus and Utica shale plays.

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Bakken Infrastructure

The Bakken Infrastructure Wall Map is the perfect visual aid for one of the highest infrastructure demand plays in the country.

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Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure

The Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure Wall Map is one of the most detailed and informative maps in the market.

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Rockies Infrastructure

Capturing both the Niobrara and Frontier shale plays, the Rockies Infrastructure Wall Map is the most informative tool for the region.

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Louisiana Oil & Gas Infrastructure

The Louisiana Oil & Gas Infrastructure Wall Map provides crucial infrastructure data in one of the busiest oil and gas processing states in the country.

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Oklahoma Natural Gas Infrastructure

With Hart Energy's unmatched GIS infrastructure data, the Oklahoma Natural Gas Infrastructure Wall Map provides the most accurate picture of the vast amount of gas pipelines and facilities in Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Liquids Infrastructure

Capturing the bustling liquids infrastructure of Oklahoma with a clean and organized look, the Oklahoma Liquids Infrastructure Wall Map is an essential tool for the energy industry professional.

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Texas Natural Gas Infrastructure

Containing the country’s largest natural gas infrastructure network makes Texas one of the most crucial states in the planning of gas transmission and processing.

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Texas Liquids Infrastructure

Few other states in the U.S. contain the amount of liquids production and infrastructure as within the state of Texas.

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