Natural Gas & Misc Gasses GIS Data

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Natural Gas & Miscellaneous Gasses GIS Datasets

  • Natural Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Misc. Gasses Pipelines (CO2, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Etc..)(U.S. ONLY)

Close to 1,000,000 miles (1 Million) of digitized gas pipelines in North America and over 1 Million globally! The Natural Gas Pipeline Layer offers invaluable information of the most tradable commodity in the energy industry.

Pipelines, compressor stations, gas processing plants, gas storage facilities and major gas producing fields are just a few examples of what you will find included in all of our Natural Gas Digital GIS Data sets. Some of the most relevant information, for the Natural Gas Pipeline Systems, features include:

  • Pipeline Systems common naming (i.e. ANR, Transco), full name, designation (Interstate or intrastate), Diameters, Owner, System Names,System Types (Gathering, Transmission, etc..), FERC code, status (for proposed or under construction pipelines),pricing zones (Zone1, Market Area,..)
  • Compressor Stations (name and owner)
  • Receipt and Delivery Points with Capacity flows (Meter Points)
  • Gas Storage Facilities names, operators, capacities, type, etc..
  • Gas Processing Plants (names and owners)
  • Major Producing Gas Fields
  • Oil and Gas Fields (name and type)
  • Oil and Gas Basins

Additionally, we offer other miscellaneous gasses within the United States that include CO2, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Oxygen, etc... This layer can be licensed separatelly.

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