Natural Gas and Miscellaneous Gasses GIS Datasets

Natural Gas and Miscellaneous Gasses GIS Datasets

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Natural Gas Dataset

With digitized information on over one million miles of natural gas pipelines in North America, plus almost one million miles of digitized natural gas pipelines from around the world, Hart Energy’s (Rextag) Natural Gas Pipeline Dataset offers invaluable information on the most tradable commodity in the world!

In addition to the largest compilation on pipeline data, Rextag’s Natural Gas GIS Dataset includes several layers of significant information on natural gas facilities in North America and across the globe. The entire dataset comprises:

  • Natural Gas Pipelines: it contains gathering, transmission and distribution pipelines. The data attributes in this layer include owner, operator, pipeline type, pipeline diameter sizes, operational status, system name, state, flow direction, mileage, previous ownership, and notes pertinent to the system. 
  • Relevant data layers on Processing Plants, Storage Facilities, Compressor Stations, Meter Points, and LNG Terminals are also included in the Natural Gas Dataset. Some of the attributes included in these data layers are facility name, operator, owner, location, operational status, previous ownership, and pertinent notes on the facilities. In addition, some of these layers contain important applicable numbers on capacities, annual averages on throughputs and production, etc. 
  • The Gas Service Territories Data Layer (distribution service territories) included in the Natural Gas Dataset includes information on territory’s operator, owner, type and website.

Miscellaneous Gasses Pipelines Dataset

Need information on pipelines for other type of gasses? Rextag’s Miscellaneous Gasses Pipelines Dataset is the perfect companion to the Natural Gas Dataset:

  • In addition to the longer and larger ammonia and CO2 pipelines, the Miscellaneous Gasses Pipelines dataset includes typically smaller and shorter pipelines linking natural gas processing facilities to feedstock-gas gathering facilities. 
  • The attributes for this dataset include operator, owner, diameter, commodity, and system type among others.
Miscellaneous Gasses Pipelines Dataset

Furthermore, the Natural Gas and the Miscellaneous Gasses Datasets, no different from the other Rextag datasets, undergo a rigorous normalization process to ensure that naming of operators, owners, commodity types, locations, operational status, systems and other common attributes are properly standardized across all our datasets. And for enhanced standardization, Rextag created proprietary owner and operator IDs, which makes cross-referencing of the different data layers in the datasets possible.

The outcome of all that standardization: faster querying and more precise record-sets in the query results.

Accuracy, comprehensiveness and currency are imperative when it comes to data. Which is why Rextag constantly updates all datasets and distributes the updated files on a monthly basis. Rextag data-users get those updates delivered electronically, to one or more designated data users, for immediate download.

For more information on licensing or to request a demo on any of Rextag’s Datasets, please contact us directly at (619) 564-7313, or fill in your information in our request page and Rextag will reach you directly.

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