Shell Midstream To Buy Pipelines In $630 Million Dropdown. See One of Them (Delta) on a Rextag Map. 

The acquisition of 100% interest in the:

Refinery Gas Pipelines - ca. 100 miles of gas pipeline connecting objects operated along the Gulf Coast to Shell Chemical sites. (The pipelines transport a mix of methane, NGL and olefins.

Delta Pipeline - a roughly 130-mile onshore pipeline taking volumes from five offshore pipelines including Shell Midstream Partners’ Odyssey Pipeline and the Na Kika Pipeline. Connects offshore oil production to key onshore markets. See image above.

Na Kika Pipeline - approx. 80-mile offshore pipeline anchored by the Na Kika platform serving as a host to eight subsea fields. It connects to the Delta Pipeline at Main Pass 69.

Source: oliandgasinvestor.com


Midstream Acquisitions

Southland Royalty sold its San Juan Basin assets to MorningStar for $17.3 million. We go over the basics with an emphasis on the data needed to evaluate Southland Royalty's acreage in the San Juan Basin.


As demands for water management solutions increase, service companies are looking for new ways to optimize their ability to recycle and store this water.


As you know the US Oil Rig Count has dropped by over 20% from January to December 2019. In Texas we saw oil rigs count dropping over 30% in that same time frame.