Drillinginfo stated on Jan. 29  it formed a new strategic collaboration with Hart Energy’s Rextag unit for the purpose of creating a combined midstream business product.

The Drillinginfo-Rextag integration provides a cutting-edge solution to analytical mapping for the midstream sector with all relevant datasets in one platform, which provides powerful context and unprecedented infrastructure siting and mapping.

Dubbed Drillinginfo Midstream Infrastructure, the new combined service is now available to current users or new customers and is uniquely positioned to address questions such as:

  • Which gatherers operate in the vicinity and may be able to pick up my production?
  • Are there buyers for the production from my wildcat well?
  • Which potential acquisition candidate merits premium pricing because they are next to existing, available takeaway infrastructure?
  • Where might unforeseen pipeline bottlenecks occur? 
  • Knowing the true takeaway capacity, how do I gauge the impact of supply adds/misses and changes in pricing?
  • How will increased oil pipeline capacity (or rail) affect the discount crude price?

Rey Tagle, Hart Energy’s senior vice president for data services and founder of Rextag, said in a statement: “We are excited to partner with Drillinginfo and are confident the new DrillingInfo Midstream Infrastructure service will become an essential tool. This new integration provides unique value by combining data from the two leading upstream and midstream providers in one platform.”

About Drillinginfo
Drillinginfo delivers business-critical insights to the energy, power, and commodities markets. Its state-of-the-art SaaS platform offers sophisticated technology, powerful analytics, and industry-leading data. Founded in 1999, Drillinginfo has quickly emerged as the unquestioned leader in oil and gas exploration information services. 

About Rextag
Rextag is a part of Hart Energy, one of the energy industry's largest information providers.
Rextag maintains one of the biggest energy database and serves it as GIS (Geographic Information System) data, web-based Geoweb portal and printed maps.

Source: oilandgasinvestor.com

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