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Rextag US Oil & Gas Wells

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A collection of surface well data from 35 states, Rextag has collected these data from all these different sources. These data files come in multiple different formats and with multiple different attributes. Rextag has analyzed the attributes, normalized the data and identified the most common attributes to generate a seamless national well database.

Rextag maintains one of the industry’s largest database on oil and gas wells’ completions and production.

Users wanting to better understand the granularity of oil and gas production of one or all four-million wells throughout the United States, will appreciate the full coverage of Rextag’s Oil & Gas Wells Dataset.

Our data is divided into 3 logical segments.

Well Header

This file contains the well location, operator, status, commodity, type of well and other similar overview-attributes describing the well.

Well Completion

By joining this table to the Well Header, users can get additional details on the drilling and completion for wells; those details include the wells’ depths, lease numbers, completion dates, formations, etc.

Well Production

This segment is a collection of tables with production data from 2014 to the present (one table for each year). When linked to the header file, these tables facilitate querying for historical information on oil, gas and condensate production by well, location, etc.

Rextag US Oil & Gas Wells Worker

Our well data is processed and updated on a monthly basis. Before our data is distributed to our clients, it goes through a process that incorporates very rigorous quality control and standardization procedures. This process includes production allocation detailed to lease-level and well-level, standardization of operator names, fields, and of many other attributes, which allows for seamless flow of information while using this dataset.

The data is distributed in GIS format under our current GIS license agreement.

This Dataset is provided free as part of the complete Rextag GIS Dataset Package!

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