Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure
Updated October 2017

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The Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure Wall Map is one of the most detailed and informative maps in the market. In addition to providing the industry’s most complete infrastructure data in the Gulf, the map also contains production data for current producing leases.

The Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure Wall Map contains the following features:
(42" x 60")
  • Crude oil, natural gas, gathering & distribution, proposed pipelines (color coded and labeled)
  • Gas Processing Plants (major plants are labeled with name and capacity
  • Crude Oil Refineries (labeled with name and capacity)
  • LNG Facilities (labeled with name and capacity)
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Gas Storage Facilities (major facilities labeled with name and capacity)
  • Shipping Fairways
  • Producing Leases (color coded by production)
  • Lease Units (labeled with name)
  • Offshore Groups (labeled with name)
  • Offshore Blocks (numbered)

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