U.S. Crude Oil Infrastructure

Hart Energy’s U.S. Crude Oil Infrastructure Wall Map is the premier illustrated guide to the crude oil pipeline system of the country. A beautifully designed source of information and printed in full-color, this wall map is designed to provide a wide range of the most desired data in the crude oil industry.

The newly redesigned U.S. Crude Oil Infrastructure Wall Map contains the following features:
(42"x 60")
  • Crude Oil Pipelines (labeled and color coded by operator)
  • Pipeline Flow Direction
  • Operator, Commodity, and Diameter Info Bubbles for Major Pipelines
  • Crude Refineries (labeled with names and capacity)
  • Crude-by-Rail Terminals
  • Oil & Gas Basins (labeled with names)
  • CO2 Pipelines
  • Color coded PADD locations
  • Multiple informative charts related to the Crude Oil market

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