Pad activity Monitor (PAM) *Permian

Gain Valuable Market Insights:

  • Quickly identify trends in drilling activity before others to stay ahead of important market investment opportunities and oil field service requirements.
  • Learn about potential increases or decreases in oil and gas production months ahead of others and how potential volumes could impact storage and transportation across the region.
  • Forecast new well production volumes for specific operators coming online months ahead of regulatory filings and financial disclosures.

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Hart Energy (Rextag) - A leading data and visualization provider for the Energy Industry and SpaceKnow - A leading AI solutions provider for satellite imagery analytics have partnered to release a near-real time Pad Activity Monitor (PAM).

The Challenge of Legacy Data Services

Traditional data providers in the oil and gas industry must rely on state regulatory datasets to monitor drilling and completion activity. These reports at best can be four months behind and at times as much as six months behind in regulatory filings.

Our new PAM service cuts down activity reporting lag times by at least 98%, from 120-180 days down to just 5-8 days. Customers have access to reports, charts, tables, and mapping visualizations via Rextag’s Energy DataLink easy to use web-based application allowing users to filter, download and identify activity on a map or data table. Additionally, customers will be able to set up daily, weekly, and monthly email report notifications.

Satellite Imagery and Artificial Intelligence

This service collects frequent optical and radar-based satellite imagery which are processed by fusing several advanced AI algorithms. This algorithm is specifically designed and trained to recognize oil and gas activity at the well pad level.

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, each AI detection datapoint is validated by a team of experts before it’s delivered to the client through Rextag Energy DataLink, our easy-to-use application interface.

Oil and Gas Activity Monitoring

Our Pad Activity Monitor (PAM) is a service currently focused exclusively on the Permian Basin, the largest and most active basin in North America. Our service covers tens of thousands of oil and gas wells and is designed to provide customers with near real-time activity reports related to drilling operations. This allows customers to monitor well pad clearing, drilling operations, fracking crew deployment and completions with new data collected approximately every two days.

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