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At Hart Energy (Rextag) we understand the energy industry professional’s need for quality information, and we are well aware of budgetary constraints their companies may face.  And the GeoWeb Portal is Rextag’s way to show our commitment to offer both: access to the most comprehensive energy GIS data while avoiding the extra burden of cost of third-party applications!

Rextag Web Based Mapping
If you have an Internet browser, with Rextag’s GeoWeb Portal you are just clicks away from:
  • Querying Rextag’s GIS Data Sets: query data for upstream, midstream and downstream production and distribution of crude oil, natural gas, refined products, other liquids (NGL/LPG/HVL), oil & gas wells, and electricity transmission in the United States and the world;
  • Create and print your own maps: select an area of interest, filter information, show and hide layers, customize titles, use aerial photography, create PDFs of your maps for or export them to image files to use in presentations or printed media;
  • Tailoring your map with data that fit your needs: with a wide selection of attributes and the built-in capability to add conditions and criteria in your queries, you can narrow down data to the specifics that best suit your project.
Rextag GeoWeb Portal the most complete and detailed global database of energy infrastructure assets

Furthermore, Rextag’s multilevel licensing allows our clients the freedom to not only select the information they need, but the geographic areas and features for customization as well.

To ease financial limitations, Rextag’s GIS Data can be licensed through GeoWeb Portal by zone or by state, and specifically by commodity or a group of commodities.

Rextag GeoWeb Portal Oil and Gas supply chain

Rextag’s GIS Data include the following commodities: Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Refined Products, Other Liquids (NGL/LPG/HVL), Miscellaneous Pipelines, Oil & Gas Wells, and Electricity Transmission. For a list of zones and the states included in each zone please contact us.

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