Join Rextag and East Daley as we trace the ripple effect that will cascade across the US as we plunge into a more volatile and dynamic gas market. 

During this webinar we will:

  • Dig into the changing supply demand balance in Louisiana.
  • Dissect new resulting gas flow patterns and pricing dynamic across the country.
  • Evaluate regional supply response and timing.

Each attendee will get a free copy of East Daley’s latest Natural Gas Supply Demand Market Report

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Customers and Testimonials

Valorie K.

Senior Energy Analyst

" No major energy investment decision is made at our firm without the consultation of the Rextag GIS data. "

Hakim S.

Director of Business Development

" We have been using Rextag for the past 10 years for competitive analysis of pipeline companies in the United States in the process of identifying both acquisition targets and greenfield projects. "

Scott P.

Lead GIS Manager

" Rextag is truly the most comprehensive data out in the market for oil and gas facilities and their customer service team is always available to answer our calls and help us on difficult projects. "

Energy DataLink is the industry standard for accurate, up-to-date energy information and GIS data on energy infrastructure, including oil, gas and electrical. This information is used by owners, operators, governments and financial services daily to meet diverse needs such as:

Reports and valuations

Project wall maps

Charts and data tables

Deal/Pitch books and MS PowerPoint maps

Due diligence requirement reports

Pipeline routing and facility siting

Reserve your spot for the Webinar