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    Pressure Relief ValvesPressure relief valves are installed to protect pipelines or pressure vessels from over pressurisation. Pressure relief valves limit the pressure to a pre-determined value by safely venting gas contained within the protected equipment to atmosphere. The specific requirements vary significantly due to varying pressure ranges and required flow rates, consequently a wide variety of valves are installed across the asset. Designs and complexity also vary from simple direct spring resistance to more complex pilot operated valves. Pressure relief valves are also known as pressure safety valves (PSVs). Small pressure relief valves are also contained within various instrumentation and control systems and are included in Section 3.4.16 Station Ancillaries. Over pressure protection of downstream pipelines or gas distribution networks is normally incorporated with the pressure reduction arrangements at delivery points and therefore form part of the pressure control systems specified in AS 2885. These pressure control systems are designed to prevent protected systems from exceeding MAOP under steady state conditions and 110% of the MAOP under transient conditions. It is mandatory under AS 2885 for a secondary pressure limiting device such as a pressure relief valve to be installed. Pressure relief valves are typically incorporated in the following stations: Compressor stations Delivery points Pig launcher and receiver stations. A pilot operated Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valve installed at a delivery point is shown in Figure 3-26. A Reliance pressure relief valve installed at a delivery point is shown circled in Figure 3-27. These are the least complex type of pressure relief valve installed on the asset. A typical pressure relief valve fitted to a pressure vessel is shown circled in Figure 3-28.Figure 3-26 : Pilot operated Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valveVector Gas Transmission Section 3, Page 29 of 67 Asset Management Plan 2015-2025