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    Comments of Duke Energy Corp re Rule Regarding Critical Energy Infrastructure Information et al under RM02-4 et al.


    Jnofflclal FERC-Generated PDF of 20021115-0247 Received by FERC OSEC 11/14/2002 in Docket#: PL02-1-000 PORIGINALCOPY %,, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE THE ..'zo ~Q FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSIONRule Regarding Critical Energy Docket No. RM02-4-000 >3.:*, Infrastructure Information "z/drPolicy Statement on the Treatment Docket No. PL02-1-000 % Of Previously Public DocumentsC O M M E N T S OF DUKE E N E R G Y C O R P O R A T I O NPursuant to the September 5, 2002 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Notice ofProposed Rulemaking and Revised Statement of Policy (the "CEll NOPR") of the FederalEnergy Regulatory Commission ("Commission" or 'TERC'), I Duke Energy Corporation("Duke") submits the following comments.I. COMMUNICATIONSThe names, titles, and mailing addresses of the persons to whom correspondence andcommunications concerning these comments should be addressed are:*William F. Hall, III *Richard J. ICruse Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Energy Policy and Strategy Industry Initiatives, Pricing and Regulatory Affairs Duke Energy Corporation Duke Energy Gas Transmission 526 South Church Street 5400 Westheimer CL Charlotte, NC 28202 Houston, TX 77056 (704) 382-3940 (713) 62%5368i Critical Energy Infrastructure Information, "Notice of P r o ~ Rulemaking and Revised Statementof Policy," I00 FERC 61,256 (2002).