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    PIOGA Press 072 April 2016


    The monthly newsletter of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association April 2016 Issue 72PIPP sues to halt Chapter 78 implementationT he Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers (PIPP), lations as scheduled on April 21. PIOGA strongly supports the a Bradford-based organization representing small conven- legal action and has been granted a request to intervene in the tional producers, is asking the Commonwealth Court to case. block the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) Filed March 24, the suit alleges that DEP and the from granting final approval to the Department of Environmental Environmental Quality Board (EQB)the entity that formally Protections Chapter 78 regulations. The lawsuit also seeks to proposes and adopts DEP regulationsviolated Act 126 of 2014 have DEP start over again with the rulemaking process for con- by failing to promulgate regulations governing conventional oil ventional oil and gas surface operations. and gas wells separately from regulations for unconventional gas PIPP is asking the court to act before IRRC votes on the regu- wells. PIPPs members, the organization said, would be subject- ed to the same rules as billion-dollar, multinational corporations engaged in large-scale, unconventional drilling for natural gas. The 2014 legislation directed DEP to adopt separate regulations for the con- ventional and unconventional indus- tries. But rather than complying with the spirit of the law and writing a set of regulations appropriate to conventional operations, DEP instead performed what many have described as a word- processing exercise by copying and pasting the regulations into Chapter 78 for conventional operations and 78a for unconventional wells. Many of the same rules would apply to both. The lawsuit quotes from several DEP publicationsincluding its 2014 Annual Oil and Gas Reportwhich Tim Wetzel of Bridgeworks makes a point as PIOGAs Joyce Turkaly (left) and Sandy acknowledge that conventional opera- Spencer of Appellation Pre Fab listen during a panel discussion on natural gas market tors are much smaller in scope and growth at PIOGAs April 7 Spring Meeting. Also participating in the panel was Bob they generate far less waste than uncon- Beatty of O Ring CNG Fuel Systems Turn to page 5 for more on the event. ventional drilling, therefore the poten- tial impact to the environment is signifi- cantly less. Wolf veto threatens conventional industry . . . 4 Fracking not to blame in methane study. . . . 18 When the EQB voted on the regula- PIOGA Spring Meeting recap . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 PennDOT announces CNG partners . . . . . . 21 tions on February 3, the board didnt Supreme Court upholds leaseholder rights . . 6 Auditor general looking at Act 13 money . . . 21 even bother with the pretense of two Enhancements to member directory. . . . . . . . 8 Member Profile: Brudy & Associates . . . . . . 22 separate votes on the conventional and Upcoming events of note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 PIOGA Member News . . . . . . . . . .