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    Why is Remote Sensing Necessary? Science Fiction Would you walk into a dentists office, is now give him $500 and tell him to start drilling until he finds a cavity?Science Fact Of course not, You would have your dentist take X-Rays to: 1) Locate problem areas; 2) Prioritize needs; and 3) Schedule repairs.If your dentist can use painless remote sensing for his needsWhy cant you?TACWA July 25, 2008 Locating Subsurface Sewer Pipelines, Leaks & Sinkholes Texas Association of Clean Water Agencies2008 EnTech Engineering, Inc. 2008 EnTech Engineering, Inc. 2Pipeline Detection, Mapping, & Leak Detection 1) Locate problem areas; 2) Prioritize needs; and 3) Schedule repairs. Remote Sensing Data Collection TechniquesA. Locate & Map Both Yours and Others Pipelines B. Locate & Map Potential Pipeline Leaks C. Locate & Map Potential Waste Plumes, Erosion Voids & Sinkholes Vehicle Mounted Helicopter Mounted D. Characterization (Depth, Size and makeup) of Potential 10 miles of pipeline 150 miles of pipeline per day or 250,000 sq. ft. of pavement Or millions of sq. ft. of pavement Problem Areas per day per dayvs. <1,000 feet of pipeline per day for traditional techniques2008 EnTech Engineering, Inc. 3 2008 EnTech Engineering, Inc. 41