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    Letter order accepting Enable Gas Transmission, LLC's 10/30/15 filing of revised Negotiated Rate Agreement & Table of Contents under RP16-117.


    Michelle T. Bo oudreaux mboudre eaux@cblpipelinela aw.com Tel 713.357.66244 Fax 713.357.6775Novembeer 3, 2015Ms. Kimmberly D. Bosse, Secretaryy Federal Energy E Reguulatory Comm mission 888 Firstt Street, N.E. Washinggton, D.C. 20 0426Re: Oryx O Southerrn Delaware Oil Gatherin ng and Trannsport LLC Petition for Declaratory D Order O ket No. OR1 6-_____-000 - DockDear Seccretary Bose:Pursuant to Rule 207 7 of the Rulles of Practice and Proccedure of thee Federal Ennergy Regullatory Commisssion, 18 C.F.R. 385.20 07 (2015), Oryx O Southerrn Delaware Oil Gatheriing and Trannsport LLC (O Oryx) hereb by submits for electron nic filing a Petition foor Declaratoory Order, w which includes Exhibit No os. 1-8. Please P note that Exhibbit Nos. 7 and 8 conntain confideential informatiion; accordin ngly, Oryx is filing thosee exhibits unnder seal witth the Comm mission.As requiired by Rule 381.302(aa), 18 C.F.R R. 381.3022(a) (2015), a check inn the amouunt of $24,730.00 is also beeing hand-deelivered todaay to cover thhe filing fee.Should you y have any y questions,, please con ntact me by telephone aat 713.357.62244 or by ee-mail communication at mb boudreaux@@cblpipelinellaw.com.Reespectfully suubmitted,/s// Michelle T. Boudreaux Miichelle T. Booudreaux Caaldwell Bouddreaux Lefleer PLLCCo ounsel for O Oryx Southeern Delawarre Oil Gathhering and Transportt LLCCaldwell Bou udreaux Lefler PLL LC Attorneys at Law L 1800 Wesst Loop South, Suite 1680 Houston Houston, TX 77027 Tel 713.3 357.6776 Fax 713..357.6775 www.cblpipelinelaw.com m