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    Additional RegulationsRegulation Primary Impact / Change CNP Impact Comprehensive 10 element program for enhancing pipeline safety All levels, all departments, top executives to the field Pipeline Safety Management Systems O&M Periodic meetings with top executives on key metrics, - API RP 1173 CapEx plan execution, direction, etc Comprehensive review of Management of Change (MOC)Data gathering specific to transmission facilities in a geographic format National Pipeline Mapping System Original request from PHMSA (2004) was broad and only Unknown Information wanted 500 accuracy; now specific details are requested. Data accuracy and process changes Plastic Pipe (NPRM) Tracking and Traceability CapEx Excess Flow Valves beyond Single Expands the use of EFVs to a new customer class CapEx Family Homes (NPRM) Miscellaneous Final Rule- Construction Advisory Task Group on Unknown Unknown 192.305Expands Operator Qualification for New Construction Operator Qualification, Cost Effectiveness of OQ Programs Recovery, Accident & Incident Definition of Covered Task O&M Notification, and Other Pipeline Safety Accident and Incident Notification Changes (NPRM) Farm Taps-managing risk on farm tapsFocuses on reducing methane emissions through Environmental CapEx replacements and aggressive leak repairCenterPoint Energy Proprietary and Confidential Information 15