Rextag Energy DataLink™

Professional Edition

Comprehensive Energy Intelligence

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Accurate, Up-to-Date Energy Insight via Maps, Locations, Records and Documents

Energy DataLink, Professional Edition, provides the largest and most complete database on energy infrastructure assets in North America. The Energy DataLink database contains asset ownership, production records, processing capacities, physical locations, planned projects, acquisition records and much more.

At your fingertips: Map, visualize, filter and report on all-inclusive datasets with oil, gas and electrical information.

5.5 million oil and gas wells

200,000 miles of crude oil pipelines managed by over 700 operators

1 million miles of natural gas pipelines

180 refineries producing 23.6M bcd

5,600 bcf of gas storage capacity from 191 operators

44 oil and gas basins

Solving Key Industry Pain Points

Energy DataLink provides easy online access to Rextag's extensive GIS databases of energy assets. Simply select the type of data you wash to see to view the requested information.

Energy DataLink Includes:

  • Well production & completion data
  • Midstream and downstream data
  • An extensive energy document library (3.5 million documents)
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools
  • Fast and dynamic visual mapping

Online Document Library
(3.5M Documents)

Users love the fact that they can now access the world’s largest online energy data repository. Powerful online visualization makes it easy to quickly and effectively put the information to work.

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